For the past 15 years the Electric AGA market has boomed. Particularly since the standard of kerosene has dropped causing nothing but trouble for the trusty oil AGA.

If you are fed up of an unreliability, costly running and servicing costs, or maybe your age old AGA has been deemed unsafe to use, then we may be able to help.

We have been converting all sorts of AGAs whether fuelled by gas, oil or solid fuel for many years now and have very positive feedback from our customers.

After investigating the various options for electric conversions, we realised very quickly the most sensible and trustworthy method was incorporating the CE approved Newton 13 amp conversion kit designed and built by Midland Cookers Ltd.

It’s design is simple and very effective!
The reason we will only use this product is that it takes into account all the problems that have affected millions of Factory bought 13amp AGA cookers. Electrics, wiring, Pcb’s etc housed within a hot AGA. Heat and electrics are a poor combination.
With the kit we supply and fit, all the vital electrical components are housed in a control box which can be mounted on the side of the cooker or the side cupboard, keeping it away from major heat impact.

Other benefits include:
- No heat loss up flue/ chimney as it doesn’t need one
- Easy to turn on/off with a flick off a switch
- Faster heat up times
- More controllability with oven temperatures
- No annual maintenance required (5 year electrical check advised)
- Designed to be wired into existing household wiring (13 amp ring main)

Please call if you would like to discuss converting your existing AGA to electric, we will give you nothing but honest facts, figures, running costs etc.

If we don’t think it is of benefit you going electric with your cooker we will openly advise against.

Contact us now to discuss